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Interior renovation of a house in Brera Milan

sm22 a Milanese interior, we tried to pay homage to the interior tradition of Portaluppi, Bottoni and Ponti applying also the somewhat forgotten use to design as much as possible taylor made. The intention was to create a space that would harmonize well the existing, the new grafts and the contemporary art works of the couple. The clients saw us as an investment and gave us much confidence and allowed us to work freely within an agreed budget. The material interruptions, the reflecting column, the wooden backdrop and the grafting of cement tiles, define the living room, divide the space in places of passage, of conviviality and observation, as if the room was defined by these parallel elements that they create a hybrid space, through the use of warm materials with the almost marbled veins of the wood, the reflections from the brass column and the geometry of the new floor.
One of the most important concepts is the textural breaks: it is decided to keep the existing wooden floor, inserting a new one in blue and white cement tiles, keeping quite distinct the materials like a carpet that demarcates the areas. The underlying theme of Scandinavian flavour pine with its soft texture is taken up in the sleeping area, where priority is given to the need of practical spacious wardrobes. The order and cleanliness of the bedrooms are shaken from the tapestry located above the bed, again by Nitsch, a representation of the Cross. The kitchen and the bathrooms are well characterized by the cement tiles pattern that give a decoration remembering to underline what has been renewed. A different room is the kid’s, with two illustrators, INSUNSIT, we made a design on the three walls depicting a dreamlike jungle with brightly colored animals. The design becomes a background that catapults into a new vision of space, to make the walls of the room disappear and have a horizon to observe. The terrace overlooked almost all the rooms of the house has been designed as a green room and at the same time as a background. We chose to create a wild garden of miscanthus and carex, creating optical cones from inside the rooms to the most elegant essences such as agapanthus and aralia. A vegetable wall, by installing ceramic vases made by Marlik Ceramic, a young Iranian designer. The rope ropes that combine the vessels, as well as ensuring stability to the structure, go to create a geometric design but alive.









120 mq


110k €




design, interior, landscape

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